Pablo Picasso : (1881 – 1973)

Spanish sculptor, ceramist and engraver.

He is the most unclassifiable painter of his generation. He started his career with the blue and pink periods, the blue marking the suicide of his friend and the pink for a kind of romantic sadness. Then he started Cubism and revolutionized Modern Art through Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. He worked under the same inspiration as Braque with the decomposition of images. He shared a moment with the Surrealists while affirming his own style, then came the Spanish War and its share of misfortune which he will symbolize with famous Guernica painting. After the WWII, he flirted with the Communist Party and create the Dove for Peace. He stayed on the French Riviera and worked as a ceramist in Vallauris. He continued his work of destructuring faces with large canvases. His last creations were very colourful self-portraits. He captured things and translated them in his own way. He is a unique craftsman. Today he is represented all over the world in the greatest museums and remains the most cherished artist in the world.

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