(1893 – 1983)

Catalan painter, sculptor, engraver.

Born into a bourgeois milieu, his early artwork was influenced by the new Impressionist, Fauvistic and Cubist trends of the new century.

He soon wanted to assert his style and free himself from reality.
He wanted to paint his work through his own imagination. He will participate in surrealism, he will cross artistic world: André Masson, Pierre Reverdy, Max Jacob, Tristan Tzara, Max Ernst, Serge Diaghilev, Bonnard, Magritte, Arp, Giacometti, Dali, Brauner and André Breton.

He wanted to keep his “child-like gaze” and he refused to intellectualize his painting. He will remain a pioneer, always one step ahead. The expression thrown on the painting will be the beginning of the American abstraction of Jackson Pollock and Robert Motherwell. He also created large ceramic walls that will be his great debut: urban art. He will be very productive in sculpture, ceramics and engraving.

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