(1901 – 1985)

French painter-sculptor. Dubuffet is behind “Outsider art” (Art Brut), an anticultural art, which, at the time, was not recognized by critics and artistic milieu.

We find in his work an artistic expression of madness and marginality. He will make the synthesis of this creation and will be inspired by it to implement his art. Later on, he will make a study of the earth’s materiality. Then his famous Hourloupe series will emerge. Hourloupe being a portmanteau word of the word “wolf” and “dirty trick” (in French “loup” & “entourloupe”).

He chose to oppose the difference, the unintelligible, the instantaneous creation as opposed to academism and studies. Hourloupe is inspired by the moving world. Dubuffet only looks like Dubuffet! He is highly esteemed in the United States of America and his work is exhibited in several museums.